Formula One Paddock ClubTM Overview

Six World Champions on the grid, an unprecedented 20-race calendar, and an all-new round in Austin, Texas. The 2012 Formula One™ season is a thrilling prospect. With Sebastian Vettel chasing a third successive crown, Kimi Raikkonen returning in search of a second, and the legendary names of Senna and Williams reunited, it’s already looking like a classic season. The F1 Paddock Club™ offers unparalleled access to the excitement and glamour of Formula One™ racing, in an exclusive and discreet environment that ensures clients and their guests enjoy the sporting experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for the best seats in the house, you’re looking for the Formula One Paddock Club™.

•   Unforgettable weekend with privileged viewing position of circuit and pit lane
•   4 course gourmet meals prepared with local produce on-site by Master Chefs
•   Open bar with a selection of fine wines and a Mumm Champagne bar
•   Interviews with the drivers and teams, plus unique tours of the team pit lane
•   Club Suites* and Private Suites** with branding and entertainment to fit your every need

* Club Suites are available for individuals and smaller groups (subject to Grand Prix)
** For larger groups of 50 or more (subject to Grand Prix)

Prime Position
You don’t need a super license to get this close to Formula One™

This season’s must-have accessory is a Formula One Paddock Club™ ticket. From the privileged surroundings, you can see the concentration etched on the driver’s face, you can watch the perspiration pouring off the chief engineer’s brow and you can feel the excitement of the fans as they look on from the stands. If you’re looking for the best seats in the house, you’re looking for the Formula One Paddock Club™.

All Inclusive
All the romance of Formula One™ in a day that’s unforgettable

•   Privileged viewing position
•   Pit lane walk at specially allotted times
•   Open bar with Mumm Champagne
•   Gourmet luncheon with fine wines
•   Access to the circuit and privileged parking
•   Morning tea and pastries
•   Access to the Support Race Paddock
•   Official Programme and a pair of ear plugs
•   Entertainment

Pit Lane Walk
Whether it’s technology or glamour that excites you – you’ll see it all in the pits

A walk along the pit lane at dedicated times offers Formula One Paddock Club™ guests the chance to mingle with all the famous faces of Formula One™ and see for themselves what goes on behind the scenes in a Grand Prix garage. This is where the driver and his team make their final preparations for the race. You may even see one of the teams practise their pit-stop routine. No television coverage can compare with this exceptional, almost surreal experience.

Fine Dining
The Formula One Paddock Club™ would happily be compared with any leading restaurant

The finest imported and local seasonal products are combined to sensational effect by the Formula One Paddock Club’s™ team of master-chefs. Their skills are complemented by attentive and discreet service and a wine selection to satisfy the most discerning palate.

The professionalism of the staff, attention to detail and quality of the menu place the Formula One Paddock Club™ in a class of its own.

A vital part of your business agenda

The comfort and convenience of the Formula One Paddock Club™ is the perfect place to do business or simply exchange contact details. Inspiration and stimulation are all around as you watch the cars and stars flash by. It would be hard to find a more exciting venue for making new contacts or forging lasting relationships.

Driver Appearance
Your stories will be so unbelievable - don’t forget your camera
As a guest of the Formula One Paddock Club™ you may be lucky enough to witness one of the live interviews with the drivers that take place after qualifying or just before the race itself. This is when you will hear them talking about their tactics for the race or the way their car has been set up for the conditions. All close-up and personal.

You don’t have to finish on the podium to taste the champagne

The personalized service of the Formula One Paddock Club™ will make you feel part of the excitement and glamour of Formula One™. Before and after the action unwind with a holistic massage or just listen to the live music and the sounds of the house DJ. Or simply relax with another flute of Mumm champagne.

Ideal Concepts has extensive experience and knowledge serving our clients during Grand Prix weekends. We have built a vast group of contacts throughout the years which enables us to provide a unique and entertaining Grand Prix experience for our clients, offering the best personal concierge service possible. Our team is on hand to cater for all your requirements, from VIP Hospitality Packages, Accommodation, Transportation, Fine Dining, Entertainment and more...

•   24 hour transportation can include chartered jet, helicopter and chauffeur
•   Bespoke entertainment options that are both unique and fun
•   Luxury hotel, house or apartment rental with around the clock host/hostess
•   Venue sourcing and tailored made event management

  • Formula 1
    Grand Prix Event

  • Event Dates

  • Sat & Sun*

  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday*

  • Prices subject to VAT and any
    other applicable taxes**

  • India
    New Delhi

  • 26 – 28 October

  • $4920

  • $5460

  • N/A

  • Abu Dhabi
    Yas Marina

  • 02 – 04 November

  • $4600

  • $5000

  • N/A

  • United States

  • 16 – 18 November

  • $4200

  • $4600

  • +8.25%

  • Brazil
    Sao Paulo

  • 23 – 25 November

  • ***

  • ***

  • ***

*    Shipping Charges may be applicable as extra
**   VAT Rates shown are current as at 01/01/2012 and subject to change.
***  Please contact event promoter directly.

Prices are per ticket and are subject to the 2012 Formula One Paddock ClubTM Standard Terms and Conditions.

You can choose between 2 day (Saturday and Sunday) or for 3 day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) tickets to cover the whole Grand Prix weekend. See price structure above. There is one free parking pass for every 3 tickets purchased. We can quote you prices for extra parking passes and chauffeur passes if required.

Once you have made your selection, Ideal Concepts will forward to you a Paddock Club™ registration order form along with a set of the terms and conditions of purchase. Once Ideal Concepts receives this back, duly completed and signed, we will forward an invoice which we would ask you to pay immediately to guarantee the reservation of tickets. Tickets are normally couriered to you near to the time of the race, but in certain circumstances we can arrange for delivery at the event. Ideal Concepts will be happy to discuss these points with you in greater detail.

For further details contact our team via email: ticket.sales@idealconcepts.co.in or telephone: +1 330 612 9211, +91 (0) 98713 332189, +91 (0) 11 4944 6021.


An explosion of culture and Formula One™ action

Amid rich tradition and strong cultural values India has a burgeoning passion for Formula One™. In Noida, just south of New Delhi, challenging bends have been constructed and earth removed to create the ultimate challenges for drivers and non-stop nail-biting entertainment for spectators. In a country known to be an enticing blend of old meets new, this track brings a level of design beyond that of other circuits. Its inspired features include a slightly banked double apex corner and incredible turns.

Paddock Club
Be the first to experience the superior surroundings of the newly opened Paddock Club, carefully contructed to perfection. Located in prime position in the pit building, where the race can be viewed, the drivers and preparation can be followed precisely and the experience of Formula One™ can be enjoyed at its best. See how it feels to be part of something special.


No better place to watch the stars sparkle

For the fifth time Abu Dhabi will host Formula One™’s only twilight race. The Yas Marina Circuit is an awe-inspiring experience for drivers and spectators alike, with a waterfront setting to rival the likes of Monaco and Valencia. The circuit is straddled by the Yas Marina Hotel and also features a 60-metre solar powered Shams Tower and a pit lane which sees the cars exit via a tunnel passing under the track.

Paddock Club
The Formula One Paddock Club™ in Abu Dhabi offers fully air-conditioned lounges directly above the pits opposite the start/finish line. There are panoramic views over the circuit and Yas Marina from the roof-top garden. Dedicated TV and timing screens within the hospitality lounges ensure guests do not miss any of the action of the only twilight race on the Formula One™ calendar.


Formula One™ excitement deep in the heart of Texas

The United States has not seen live Formula One racing since 2007. But five years on, the Circuit of the Americas™ purpose-built racetrack is to once again bring F1 action into the lives of excited US fans. The Wild West has been replaced with a gleaming $350 million development for an F1 experience like no other. Non-stop racing is guaranteed from the moment the drivers power up the signature 133-foot climb into Turn 1 from the start-line – from there only the brave will win in the Lone Star State.

Paddock Club

In the self-proclaimed ‘live music capital of the world’, the only tune playing in Austin this November will be the deafening high-notes of screaming F1 engines – and the Formula One Paddock Club™ at the Circuit of the Americas™ is your backstage pass. From your luxury of the Paddock Club balcony, which directly overlooks the pit lane, you’ll be front row when it comes to hearing the roar of the engines on the starting line. You may even find yourself mingling with true racing royalty, like the official Circuit of the Americas™ ambassador, Mario Andretti, the only driver in history to win the Formula One World Championship, Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.