Education and Training


The Indian education system is the one of the largest in the world. The education sector is divided is divided in two main segments; the core segment comprises of schools and higher education, while the non-core comprises of coaching classes, preschools and vocational trainings.

Issues facing this sector

Lack of high-tech infrastructure.
Need for more high quality institutions.
Need for high quality teaching staff


School / College Setup and Management

•   Land Acquisition
•   Architecture and Design
•   Construction
•   Management
•   Cost reduction and increasing profit margins
•   Recruitment of teachers (nationally and internationally)

IT and Outsourcing

•   Improve operational performance
•   Eliminate process inefficiencies, through expertise in

>   Finance & Accounting
>   Supply Chain Management
>   Contract Analytics
>   Pricing Analytics

•   Servicess

>   Biometric and Smart Card Solutions
>   Finance Management System
>   Human Resources Management System
>   Library Management System
>   Payroll Management System
>   University Management System
>   Vehicle Tracking System

International Education Services

•   Student placement in foreign universities
•   Arrangement of educational Finance
•   Arrangement of student Insurance
•   Arrangement of Student Housing
•   Arrangement of Student and Family Travel